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Land Clearing

Land Clearing

War Operating is the number one Texas land clearing contractor you could hire. Why wait?
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Mulching Service

East Texas Mulching is becoming more and more popular having to deal with the piney woods. Call us to handle it today!
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Dirt Work

Dirt Work

Texas pond construction or road building has a tough market to find a qualified contractor. Good thing you found us. Click to call!
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Johnny D.
Johnny D.
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Gage and Wes did a very professional job of cleaning our tract of land near the metroplex. My family and I HIGHLY recommend these guys to come work on your place!
Deborah G.
Deborah G.
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We looked through a lot of land clearing companies local to Houston, but found WAR Operating out of Northeast Texas. They had the best prices and absolutely great work. We will be hiring them again!
Jordan S.
Jordan S.
Read More
I talked to Gage for a couple weeks before we finally zoned in a specific scope of work for clearing trails through my property and installing a few roads. We may have taken a little longer to figure out what we wanted done, but WAR Operating was extremely patient!

Texas Land Clearing

Need land clearing services in Texas? WAR Operating is the right one for you. Our staff members can deal with all related projects like cutting down trees or getting rid of some stumps and give you a gorgeous, distinct piece of land that can be used for any task you are planning. Furthermore, we have affordable rates, and we guarantee total satisfaction on each project, so include your no cost estimate today.

Many of the equipment and models we use are two to three times faster than their regular counterparts. These high-quality models are safer and more productive since they are distinct from hydraulic machines. And our contractors have many years of experience in this kind of job.

Your security and the security of your respective commercial or residential property are our main priority. That is why we are a certified and insured company. Additionally, we can deal with your Texas land clearing needs, fuel reduction, utilities, stump grinding, including excavation, overgrown tree removals, and fire prevention services.

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Land Clearing Houston

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable Houston Land Clearing? Then you have come to the right place. We are prepared to manage tasks of all sizes and needs, eliminating obstacles that stand in the way of your task goals. We have the heavy equipment and workforce there to help you get your project done efficiently and quickly.

Land Clearing Houston eliminates trees, brush, stumps, and additional development to facilitate brand new applications. Our services provide the specific website you need and do as fast as possible so you can start building on your new space and meet your due dates.

We will assess the requirements of your land and project, identifying other materials and vegetation needing removal. We provide you with complete land clearing services and selective clearing, enabling you to maintain the particular natural capabilities you wish.

To effectively clean a lot, you want a group with the correct equipment and skillset. You can rely on our reliable crew to quickly complete the job, using specialized equipment to look after it.

It is your home; therefore, you can use it any way you want. We can quickly eliminate the trees and brush, so you can use the ground for anything and more effective. Our staff devotes their interest to your exact specifications. If you would like an area secure, we will make sure to sustain that spot.

We are land clearing providers in Houston that will help clean your ground. We make sure no trees or bushes are left behind and making the new land for your use.

Land Clearing Huntsville TX

For the Land Clearing Huntsville TX area, you have several various choices with WAR Operating. Each part of the crew is wholly accredited, fully bonded and insured, and receives constant training. When the task is done, all waste and excess ground materials removed from the area we clear are taken away.

Our staff works with residential websites, land development, and site preparation. For business projects: plenty, access street construction, right of method construction, and pasture establishment. Not just that, we start treating your home with care. No project is finished without a complete understanding between our staff and yours.

Several other solutions include land clearing, demolition, brush hog clearing, bulldozer clearing, excavation clearing, and site preparation.

Leave the dirty labor to us and the living to you.

Take A Look at Services We Offer!

Land Clearing

War Operating offers a top notch Texas land clearing service to take your land to the next level. Check out our work!


Mulching services to clean up a piece of property is a big deal these days. Find out why we are the number one East Texas mulching company!

Brush Removal

Getting rid of a bunch of under brush is a good way to start cleaning a piece of land. Check out our South Texas brush removal services now!

Site Preparation

The first step to getting ready to build a new building is to first get the site ready. We are here to offer the best site preparation services around.

Dirt Work

Making grade on a project is something that can be hard to take on by yourself. When you are ready for a pro, call us today.

Road Work

Accessing a piece of property can sometimes being a daunting task. We have installed many ranch roads. Let us handle yours too!

Demolition Services

Are you wanting to do a site renovation? Sometimes you may have a structure to get rid of first. Let us take that work off your hands!

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As you can see, we offer a ton of services. Pick the one you need, and call us today. You will not be disappointed in the least. 

Houston Land Clearing Services

A successful project starts with a good foundation. Whether you are creating a highway overpass, electric transmission towers, or an oil pipeline, beginning with a clean slate is vital. Unfortunately, nature doesn’t always cooperate. Heavy underbrush, deep-rooted stumps, and half-buried boulders can wreak havoc on schedules and equipment. Only one of these obstacles can damage machinery and possibly hurt crew members. When you select us as your land clearing business, be sure that no stone is left unturned.

East Texas Land Clearing Services
Land Clearing Dallas Ranch Road

Land Clearing Contractors Near Me

As fully experienced site planning contractors, we understand what it takes to obtain a job location prepared and secure no matter its pristine condition. From rocky surfaces to swampy wetlands, our contractors will eliminate whatever standing in the manner.

We lend our experience to builders in several sectors, including pipeline right-of-way clearing, municipal building, and renewable energy projects. With our assistance, you can start with the cleanest achievable websites and strategy projects with confidence.

As a leader in access treatments for the construction business, we have the network and strategic partners’ experience to handle almost any scenario. In case you work together with us, we will take proper care of the details from beginning to end. The suppliers we partner with take a wealth of workforce and knowledge to every website and provide extensive services.

To learn more about all things our expert contractors can do, contact us now. Our representatives are prepared and waiting around to answer some questions you have.

Land Clearing Services

All our services are designed to not damage the soil or landscape of your property. We use the newest technology and equipment to sustain the fertility of the ground. We manage away all of the bushes, forests leaving behind an undisturbed soil area.

For agricultural purposes, this is vitally important that the soil doesn’t get corroded and dry up. For example, we ensure never to touch the beautiful plants you like to retain on the land. The devices will selectively remove the plants which you don’t need.

We make sure you can utilize the cleared land quickly after we leave. We offer quality customer service wherever and whenever you wish. Our friendly staff is only a phone call away and nearly always there to help you. Our work involves quality, ensuring we spend the highest interest to even the tiniest details. We have the latest devices that allow us to clean the ground much quicker and meet the demands. You don’t need to be worried about the timelines, quality service, and thorough work. We promise we will give you the very best service in the city and won’t ever let you down.

Lot Clearing Services Near Me

Our name has been compatible with high-quality work within the Huntsville, TX area for many years. We have achieved that status through hard work, excellent training, great hiring practices, scheduling proficiency, clear communication, and regular follow-ups. To put it simply, we carry on and develop to offer our expertise into the area, learning from the most recent technology and never settling to remain exactly where we are regarding instruction. Our commitment to educating our clients has permitted us to develop and concentrate on the relationships we forge.

Our top-notch safety history has proven us as the premier land clearing business for local infrastructure, commercial buildings, educational facilities, residential buildings, and manufacturing sites.

Our expert team will meet with you to evaluate your goals and needs. We will provide you with a naturally competitive estimate and estimate time for completion. Our customers are associated with every phase of how, from beginning to end.

We take great satisfaction in protecting our property when executing a land clearing difficulty. We consider all necessary precautions to stick to another state, federal regulations, and county. WAR Operating additionally hauls each material from our area clearing tasks to an authorized recycling facility.

Our team offers the following land clearing Dallas services:

  • Tree Removal
  • Invasive Species Removal
  • Underbrush Removal
  • Picky Clearing
  • Grading and Leveling
  • Fence Line Clearing
  • Disaster Cleanup and Relief
  • Stump Grinding
  • Site Work

Furthermore, we have our fleet of roll-off tricks making scheduling easier. Equipment costs and man hours for a land clearing job is exceptionally costly. Our power to tackle the scheduling internally is a significant advantage, allowing us to get on and off things quicker than our competitors.

Give us a call now to chat with our staff about your work and what you require. We will be ready to plan a meeting with you to determine your scope of work and provide you with a free estimate of the task.


Land Clearing Houston


Land Clearing Huntsville TX

Brush Mulching East Texas

Growing a property filled with brush and trees that is tough to walkthrough can be irritating and even harmful. Other critters and snakes could be challenging to check out underneath the ground of the forest. When your lot is open, the vegetation and land around it can flourish since less brush requires nourishment in the soil. Additionally, the mulch will soon decompose, using more nutrients into the ground as the comb living cycle comes to an end.

Thankfully you don’t need to worry about the brush-clearing because WAR Operating is here with our East Texas mulching service. We have industrial equipment to clean up your land quickly, and the remaining mulch can protect against regrowth and serve as defense from land erosion. Our mulchers will get this shredded vegetation smooth on the ground and develop a park-like setting that is easy to manage once we are done.

Do not concern yourself with hauling heavy brush away or getting an enormous brush fire to burn up the clearings. When you employ us, you do not need to be concerned about getting permits in your town to perform the clearing. Whether you wish to create trails, expand your home, create pasture, or manicure your woods, contact us today!

East Texas Mulching

Our Land Clearing East Texas Process

How It’s Done

If you have recently purchased land and want something to build on it, then the land clearing procedure will most likely be familiar. So in case, you recently purchased land filled with brushes, rubble, and much more, you are probably going to have to clean the ground before you begin building. So your question must be, How’s land clearing done?

Our professional contractors will be your guide to better understand how the land clearing system is accomplished. To do land clearing effectively, we will require more than just a chainsaw. Whether it is a few trees or a whole forest, we can clear adequately. Some homeowners tend to do the clearing on their own. But that is a too dangerous task and only done by knowledgeable professionals like us. For land clearing East Texas jobs, significantly for larger projects, heavy machinery and tools are crucial, and the individuals working with them must be certified in their use, licensed by the state, and bonded. Bulldozers, tree pruners, stump grinders, and excavators are only some of the various tools and machinery we typically utilize for land clearing.

Before we begin the real action of land clearing, there are some steps we will have to take. One of those actions will be inspecting your land thoroughly. Have a stroll through the area and be aware of what will need to be cleared away.

Based on your area and whatever you plan to use the ground for, we will protect the area from environmental factors or examine if your new project is qualified to build on the site that we will clear. If not, we will help you with the permit procedure and find a solution to fit your next project. When the inspection is done, we will provide an estimate, discuss your plan, and begin the job. 

Our contractor’s job includes removing large items and vegetation like rocks in the land. Though stones and trees are the most common objects requiring removal, we will also eliminate other issues, like shrubs and bushes. Our team may find it helpful to break up the soil in your land to clear it effectively.

This procedure is known as grubbing. We will dig up the origins of the trees, and our truck will help ensure every aspect of the trees is eliminated and will not be returning. Apart from removing the roots, we will also level the soil by filling in gaps. This is necessary in case you intend to build on your repurposed ground. When the land clearing is completed, you will remain with a stripped and leveled area of land to utilize.

With the assistance of our experienced East Texas land clearing team, your area will be cleared and prepared for a new big project soon.

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The choice to choose us is pretty simple. WAR Operating is the most experienced and dependable land clearing contractor in all of Texas. We will make sure to deliver a quality service at an affordable price to make your land the dream you always envisioned. Call us today!

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WAR Operating is the number one company to call for all clearing needs!

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Site Preparation

There are a lot of steps to getting ready to construct a new project. Site preparation is one of those big steps you must take. Call us for a quote!


Sometimes looking at that same old structure is no longer acceptable. When you get ready to get rid of it, call WAR Operating!

Road Work

Having access to your land is money well spent. You can take the usability of the land to new levels. We can handle the access part for you! Call today for a free quote!