Meet WAR Operating

The WAR Operating Team

Barbara Reeder

Majority Owner

One of the founding owners of WAR Operating, Barbara has taken pride in building a woman/native american owned business that delivers such high quality service to their clients in a typical 'man's' line of work!

Wes Reeder

Owner Operator

One of the founding members of WAR Operating, Wes delivers the highest quality service to ALL clients! He is the hardest worker you will ever find.

Gage Stokes

Owner Operator

Another founding member of WAR Operating, Gage is the excavator and mulching equipment specialist. You will not find better work!

About WAR Operating

WAR Operating is a family operation founded in 2013. Its majority owner is a native american woman. Other family members comprise the remaining ownership, with a simple goal in mind. They strive to bring people’s dreams of their land to life by providing quality service for all clients. They utilize only the best equipment and skills to ensure they are indeed able to bring that perfect service to their customers. WAR Operating is built upon core values such as honor, integrity, and accountability. You will not find a company that is more committed to providing superior value than WAR Operating!