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Land Clearing

Land Clearing

War Operating is the number one Texas land clearing contractor you could hire. Why wait?
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Mulching Service

East Texas Mulching is becoming more and more popular having to deal with the piney woods. Call us to handle it today!
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Dirt Work

Dirt Work

Texas pond construction or road building has a tough market to find a qualified contractor. Good thing you found us. Click to call!
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Texas Dirt Contractor

There are lots of service providers and professional workers willing to render their services related to dirt work Texas projects. Some of them have local operations with excavation and dirt work contractors who have the expertise and experience you are looking for. Most of the reputable companies have crews and staff who are qualified and licensed operators. In fact, the majority of them are highly recognized by many people because of their quality standards in workmanship and services. However, there is no company more qualified and recognized than WAR Operating of Bogata, Texas.

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Dirt Work Services We Provide

If you’re looking for those service providers who will do the job or the project you have, then always consider those who have a vast knowledge of dirt work Texas projects. You guessed it, that team is us!  By choosing our company, you can rest assured your project will be completed EXACTLY how you wanted it to be! We are also the number one company to contact for Texas pond construction. Remember that the next time you need water for the cows or a new fishing pond!

You may also opt to request different types of services from our company, such as:

  • Earth work and site work
  • Land clearing and construction
  • Water retention and drainage issues
  • Roads and bridges repair and construction
  • Retention ponds and tanks
  • Drainage systems

These are just some of the examples of different types of services related to dirt work Texas that we can provide. If you’re looking for these kinds of services, then you may directly contact through our information submittal form, or even better, give us a call! Perhaps, you’re also thinking about some landscaping projects, or you’re planning to upgrade the beauty of your garden. And you would like to excavate a pond to enhance the beauty and overall appearance of your project. So, what you need is to find the best service providers and expert workers who can perform Texas pond construction for you. Lucky for you, you found us! We can handle any new pond construction or overall dirt work project you may be looking to have completed in the state of Texas.

Trust The Number One Contractor

Putting your trust in a contractor to complete a big project can be daunting. You hear bad stories of contractors taking advantage of their customers once they receive payment. We will never do that. We take the absolute most pride in the work we perform on anybody’s property. That is what sets us above the rest of the contractors you could ever choose to work on your project! Do not settle on any old contractor. Choose WAR Operating for your Texas dirt work project. You will not be disappointed when you do!

Why Choose Us

The choice to choose us is pretty simple. WAR Operating is the most experienced and dependable land clearing contractor in all of Texas. We will make sure to deliver a quality service at an affordable price to make your land the dream you always envisioned. Call us today!

Who We Are

WAR Operating is the number one company to call for all clearing needs!

Company Overview

We are always here to serve the Texas community. Check us out!

Our Work

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Site Preparation

There are a lot of steps to getting ready to construct a new project. Site preparation is one of those big steps you must take. Call us for a quote!


Sometimes looking at that same old structure is no longer acceptable. When you get ready to get rid of it, call WAR Operating!

Road Work

Having access to your land is money well spent. You can take the usability of the land to new levels. We can handle the access part for you! Call today for a free quote!