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Land Clearing

Land Clearing

War Operating is the number one Texas land clearing contractor you could hire. Why wait?
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Mulching Service

East Texas Mulching is becoming more and more popular having to deal with the piney woods. Call us to handle it today!
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Dirt Work

Dirt Work

Texas pond construction or road building has a tough market to find a qualified contractor. Good thing you found us. Click to call!
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WAR Operating - DFW

Are you building a new home? Are you renovating one? Whether you are building or renovating, WAR Operating has what you need! You may be looking for a land clearing service that will prepare your lot for construction. You could also be looking for a little bit of mulching on a piece of property you recently acquired. Whatever the service you need, we can deliver in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our team of specialists will take the best care of what you have in mind for your land. We have been doing this for years with nothing less than satisfied customers once we leave a project. Submit your info today for a free quote on whatever you need in the DFW area!

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What is Land Clearing Dallas?

Land clearing is the removal of unwanted trees on a property for construction. Licensed professionals clear away vegetation and rocks for grading. Once the land clearer grades, the building can occur. Our professionals have the latest technologies for this kind of job.

The prices for land clearing are competitive. Some ask for land clearing quotes to help them choose among the service providers. We could definitely deliver a quote within twenty-four (24) hours of taking a look at your property.

WAR Operating, Dallas, TX

WAR Operating is one of the land clearing service providers in Dallas and the surrounding DFW area. We offer land, forest, and right-of-way clearing. Also, we provide brush clearing and dozing, leveling, and grading. Our professional commercial and residential service responds to all your needs. We are more than willing to deliver a free quote for your project!


In conclusion, if you are looking for any type of land clearing, pond construction, road work, dirt work so on and so forth, WAR Operating is the company to call. We put an honest foot forward when bidding work for our customers. There is no sense in over paying for services that we can provide. Submit your information today or give us a call to find just how valuable our services can be! 

Why Choose Us

The choice to choose us is pretty simple. WAR Operating is the most experienced and dependable land clearing contractor in all of Texas. We will make sure to deliver a quality service at an affordable price to make your land the dream you always envisioned. Call us today!

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WAR Operating is the number one company to call for all clearing needs!

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We are always here to serve the Texas community. Check us out!

Our Work

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Site Preparation

There are a lot of steps to getting ready to construct a new project. Site preparation is one of those big steps you must take. Call us for a quote!


Sometimes looking at that same old structure is no longer acceptable. When you get ready to get rid of it, call WAR Operating!

Road Work

Having access to your land is money well spent. You can take the usability of the land to new levels. We can handle the access part for you! Call today for a free quote!