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Land Clearing

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Dirt Work

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Road Work Texas

Road work can be described as work done in repairing and constructing roads. We at WAR Operating are devoted to enhancing road work in Texas, using high-quality products and services. Additionally, we have one of the most professional teams of Texas road contractors in the industry that consists of qualified and experienced individuals.

Their years of experience have yield skills and knowledge about advanced technologies that deliver excellent road work services. While people travel by air, no movement method is as common as that of land. The current version of society depends on mobility and transport to complete even the most basic activities. 

Therefore, there is a responsibility to ensure that the roads they are using are safe and durable. Neglecting this presents a safety concern, and it also means potentially dealing with more significant repair costs than are necessary. Therefore, we take road work in Texas so seriously, as we cannot stand for a substandard form of such an essential piece of infrastructure.

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Finished Product Road Installation North Texas

The Difficulty for Texas Road Contractors

At WAR Operating, we understand and appreciate the difficulty that the road work industry brings, even with our passionate attitude. Roads are consistently used for various reasons, and they are also subject to multiple conditions. There’s no way to conveniently cover roads when inclement weather pops up, for example. 

When you combine the usability factor with natural elements, it becomes complicated to construct roads that can stand up to all of them. It’s also important to point out this also depends on the quality of the construction’s components. Bitumen is an example of an element that has a series of vastly different quality grades. 

Our Texas road contractors have an intimate understanding of the materials, which allows us to provide the kind of service that we do. Not only do we assess the current state of the infrastructure, but we can also make recommendations and projections on the performance and durability factors before we do.

What Do Our Services Look Like?

WAR Operating provides a series of top-notch services where road work in Texas is concerned. These include: 

  • Assessments and forecasts of the expected service life of roads
  • Completing and monitoring road mixture designs, as well as providing professional inspection when product application time comes around 
  • Thorough expansion joint testing 
  • Ascertaining the current state of roads where maintenance is concerned
  • Creating the required maintenance plans to either maintain the quality standard of a road or to improve it
  • Bitumen composition testing 
  • Evaluation and subsequent improvement of asphalt-based properties
  • Assessment and reporting on feasibility and quality of asphalt components. 
  • Damage surveyance in situations where asphalt has been overheated 
  • CO2 footprint calculations for semi-heated asphalt 

Why Should You Depend on WAR Operating?

Here is why WAR Operating should be the road work service you call: 

  • industry and quality standards sit at the center of everything we do
  • Our services are available to designers, the government, suppliers, and contractors
  • The qualified and experienced team that we have gives us an edge where performance and knowledge are concerned 

If you need the best road work in Texas, give us a call today. 

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